Bet on the big international football tournaments (such as the upcoming World Cup 2014) is difficult. It’s hard to know in what form the team for the tournament arrives. Due to the format of international tournaments, the team can get in a bad shape very quickly to problems, which many a punter can cost a lot of money.

And that means one thing – punters must do our utmost not only to ensure that they were more than ready for the start of the tournament, but must also be prepared to quickly and accurately adapt to situations arising. Below you will find 5 different factors that can (resp. Should) betters get them to accede to changes in their betting strategy:

1) Team is missing right chemistry

Chemistry and leadership play a significant role in what performances will serve the team in the tournament. If players are not on the same wavelength and cooperation between the elements of the team does not work, then the team is vulnerable. Unfortunately, the situation is such that even a single loss can be fatal, so poor team chemistry is a big problem.

If a team shows signs of lack of chemistry (poor body language, lack of concentration and commitment, criticism of the rest of the team after matches), then perhaps really the right time not to your expectations for this team lowered. This is especially true if the chemistry and the degree of leadership in the team is not nearly as high as you expected. If you attempt to change quickly enough, you can find real value, as compared to the betting public will be one step ahead.

2) Players do not have the correct form

Punters know that football can be the difference between winning and losing even a single player. This may be necessary shooter stretching offensive midfielder who excels in the creation process, or keeper, who literally line in the gate.

Before the start of the tournament you will surely know whether the team has some really key players (and if so, you’ll know who it is). If the player in the first match of the tournament does not give convincing performances, the team may suffer and you can earn by lowering your expectations from the team.

At the same time it is true that in this case you should not over-react rapidly and robustly. One or two bad matches still mean that the player will be useless to his team during the tournament. Punters must look at the bigger problems – health problems, problems with players around the key player, problems with the coach, and so on. Only after evaluation of these factors, you will know how this team really is.

3) The mixed assembly

Relatively long time before the tournament should have a coach an idea of ​​how it will look its general assembly and also about what will be in the basic eleven. If, however, just before the start of the tournament will be any major changes (for example, due to the injuries of players), you should pay attention.

The order is still that, if necessary replace coach one another defender (and quality). But if the coach makes some big changes (in the report, in the style of the game), you should start thinking about the team’s performance in the tournament probably not something brilliant.

4) Yellow and red cards

Yellow and red cards can have a devastating effect on the team, because for them the key man team to lose the most important matches of the tournament. Bettors must pay attention to which players threatened that the vykartují and what it will mean in the result for the whole team. The betting public often ignores this factor, so you can gain an advantage.

5) Surprisingly strong teams

Experienced bettors know that virtually every major tournament appears 1-2 teams that are significantly stronger than expected. This may be necessary because the team “arrived” before The betting public expected the players played fast and formed a great team chemistry, or perhaps simply because you have a team in předturnajové analysis underestimated.

When any team at the start of the tournament will shine, bettors must correctly predict whether the team this performance maintained throughout the entire tournament. Once you know it, you’ll be able to perform adequate changes in their betting strategy. However, keep in mind that sometimes the team looks strong only because the first matches played against opponents přeceňovaným.

A dark horse team, according to many experts, such as Belgium. It does have a strong cadre may think that the tournament will get quite far, but experts consider to be very naive estimates of some bettors about the fact that Belgium wins the tournament. This topic we discussed in the article Five Reasons Belgium wins MS 2014.

Of course, but there are situations where the team is really strong and deserves more respect than he originally gave The betting public. The faster you can evaluate the situation, the more you’ll have a head start and the greater advantage you can get.


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